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The “Four Lanes” of Always Essential



From the halls of Congress to state legislatures and city halls around the country, Always Essential is pursuing legislation like Essential Workers Bills of Rights, to help make permanent the change we need to see.


Far too many corporations continue to put profits over people—even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s past time for that to change. We must hold corporations accountable, ensuring the needs and safety of essential workers come first. This requires working people to have a voice and a place on corporate and industry boards, and other decision-making bodies.


It is time standards for essential workers are inserted into contract negotiations for unions of working people—even for those who are outside of the so-called “essential” sectors. 

Strong collective bargaining agreements can provide the stability and safety essential workers during and after the pandemic.


Establishing local boards, with the power to set standards with decision-making power. Workers can come together, alongside industry and corporate leaders, and government actors to directly set and enforce standards for essential workers.